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Founded in 1975 by Professor Jorge Carreras Llansana, the Carreras Llansana law firm is dedicated to protecting the interests of its clients in the courts of law.

Since it was established in 1975, a number of prominent professionals have joined the firm either as partners or lawyers. Today, they make up a highly skilled and experienced team.

Each client is allocated a team comprising a partner and a manager, responsible for preparing a work plan and for providing innovative and, wherever possible, creative advice.

Our open information policy and personal approach ensure that our clients are kept fully informed of the progress of their case and that they can understand the reasons for the strategic decisions taken. Underpinned by the latest technology, Bufete Carreras Llansana has the resources and experience to provide continuing legal support. As part of our commitment to offering an efficient and personalised service, the standards of ethics and confidentiality of our profession are reviewed according to the circumstances of each client.